A Grown Up Easter

Growing up in the town where both of my parents are from means our family is pretty tight-knit. Spending time with my family has always been a priority to me, and I love that part of my life. But as we get older, it gets a bit harder to make sense of the family holidays and all the traditional (childhood) celebrations that go with them.

nourish bowls

Quinoa is a meal-time staple at our house (that and lentils, but don’t even get me started on lentils, I’ll save that for another day). If you’ve never tried quinoa, never cooked it, or aren’t even sure how to pronounce it… I get it. It was brand new to me only a few years ago. I just happened to fall in love with a man who could eat quinoa and vegetables for every meal of the day (yes, even breakfast).

My Experimental Instagram Detox

Oh Instagram. The beautifully curated pictures and feeds, the recipes, the videos, and daily stories, coupled with endless scrolling ability... it’s no wonder I kept getting sucked into the app. I’d guess I’m not the only one who’s caught themself deep in a mindless scrolling binge only to realize 20 minutes (or longer) has passed. That was happening to me almost daily. Yikes.

baked oatmeal with blueberries, pecans, & coconut

On mornings I need to be out the door in a hurry, this filling oatmeal bake is my go-to. It's packed with juicy blueberries and flavorful coconut and keeps me full until lunchtime! I can quickly scoop a bit into a glass bowl, add a splash of almond milk, reheat, and be on my way in no time. It's so simple to make, so if you're able to prep it on Sunday, you'll have heat-and-eat breakfasts ready for the whole week!

sweet potato chowder

Now that temps are regularly dipping into the 30s here in Wisconsin, all I want is to do at dinnertime is curl up with a bowl of something that'll warm me up. This sweet potato chowder does just that and bonus, it comes together quickly and easily. The recipe makes quite a bit but it keeps in the fridge for a couple days, so you can use any leftovers for lunches!

sweet potatoes with pecans and parmesan

Today I'm sharing a simple, satisfying side dish that will make a fitting addition to any Thanksgiving table. Last week, our October Cooking Club theme was Thanksgiving sides and although there are countless ways to spice up fall produce (so many ways to make Brussels sprouts exciting!), I wanted to make this dish because it (and I) needed some redeeming.

sweet potato shepherd's pie

Welcome friends! Today I'm sharing a wonderful recipe that's simple enough to pull together for a weeknight dinner, but complex enough to satisfy both adult and kiddo taste buds. As you know, I love to tinker with recipes until I've found my favorite version of it and this recipe is no different. This recipe can be adapted in a multitude of ways to fit your personal taste preferences.

apple cider galette

I've got more apple deliciousness coming your way today with the final apple-themed post! Have you heard of a galette? It's a rustic pie/pastry topped with fruit that's super simple to whip up! I made this version with apples so I could stick to my current theme, but it's a really versatile dessert, so you can use another fruit, or combination of fruit, if you desire. 

brandy caramel sauce

How many of you out there went apple picking last weekend? I know it was a little warm around here, so I'm guessing if you haven't gone already, chances are you've got a date on the calendar to head to the orchard soon. Whether you walk the fields and pick your own or are a just-there-for-the-cider-brats-and-donuts kinda person, this dip can be a great addition to your visit. Consider packing a little assortment of dipping sauces, laying out a blanket, and having an apple-tasting right there under the trees.

quinoa apple-cinnamon bars

Welcome back for another apple-themed recipe! Today I’m sharing a tried and true breakfast bar that my clients ask for again and again: quinoa apple-cinnamon bars. I’ve made them more times than I can count and although there are quite a few ingredients, as long as you’ve got them on hand, it’s really simple to pull together.